Voluntary Voice Oxford Times column

Your voice in the Oxford Times


Having newspaper coverage for your group, charity or voluntary organisation can help raise your profile, make more people aware of what you do, and, most importantly, attract people to join your cause.


OCVA has a weekly column called Voluntary Voice in the Oxford Times about a local voluntary group or aspect of voluntary work. It wants to shout about local groups and organisations, to get their voice heard and promote inclusion in the communities that support them.  It is found in the Weekend section and online.


If you are interested in writing an article about your group, contact OCVA, for details by telephone 01865 258915 or email admin@ocva.org.uk

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The guidelines for writing a voluntary voice article are as follows:

The article should be:

1.       350-400 words

2.       Written in an informal, engaging style

3.       Refer to your organisation in the third person (so you shouldn’t write we do this or we do that, but Reading Quest does this etc.)

4.       No jargon, no acronyms

5.       Include a case study or quote where possible - it’s a great way to add human interest

6.       End with contact details for people to get in touch if they want more information or a call to action.